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WOSAR - White Oak EMS Search and Rescue
Mission Briefing, Fayette County 7 January 2006The Search & Rescue division of White Oak EMS offers many SAR related resources. In 2006, WOSAR added an ATV Division and a highly trained Scuba Dive Team for water recovery/rescue. For Wilderness, Urban, and Water Rescue WOSAR has available a ground search team, ATV/Snowmobile team, and a Scuba team. WOSAR is a Level 1 SAR Team recognized by The Pennsylvania Search & Rescue Council.

For EMERGENCY DISPATCH call: 1-800-MED-STAT (1-800-633-7828) or 1-412-647-7828WOSAR ground searchers will respond to mutual aid requests within a 4 hour driving distance of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and will assist the agency responsible for the search or rescue ( i.e., State Police, Local Police, Civil Air Patrol, local Emergency Services Management, or other SAR Teams ). WOSAR will conduct search or rescue operations only at the request of such agencies.

WOSAR began robot testing for SPAWAR in May of 2007The Search & Rescue Division of White Oak EMS is made up of career medical professionals and volunteers that volunteer their time for the good of their fellow man. White Oak EMS is a non-profit organization and charges no fees for the deployment of their WOSAR team.